Special Tours in Chile

Whether you're interested in a glacier hike in Patagonia, a boat trip on Lago Grey, a volcano ascent in the Atacama or guiding llamas through the Chilean Andes - our guided special tours through the varied landscape of the country can be seen as modules and therefore be perfectly integrated into your individual trip to Chile.

Be inspired by our diverse offers and book your individual tour in and through Chile directly with us! On request, we will be happy to create a program especially tailored to your wishes.

Special Tours in the North

Tour 1: Various Volcano Ascents in the Atacama Desert
Tour 2: Llama Shepherding in the Atacama Highlands
Tour 3: Ruta de los 6 miles - The highest peaks in the Atacama Desert

Special Tours in the Central Zone

Tour 4: City Tour Santiago
Tour 5: City Tour Valparaíso
Tour 6: City Tour Valparaíso & Visiting a Winery in Valle Casablanca

Special Tours in the South

Tour 7: Climbing Antuco Volcano
Tour 8: Bike Tour around Lago Llanquihue
Tour 9: Crossing the Andes by bus & boat (Cruce Andino)

Special Tours in Patagonia

Tour 10: Boat Trip to Laguna San Rafael
Tour 11: Ice-Hiking at the Exploradores Glacier
Tour 12: Kayaking at Grey Glacier
Tour 13: Boat Trip on Lago Grey
Tour 14: Trekking in the Pingo Valley
Tour 15: Penguins and Sea Lions on Islas Magdalena & Marta
Tour 16: Whale Watching in the Magellan Strait

Special Tour on the Easter Island

Tour 17: Highlights of Rapa Nui