Plan your trip to Chile

First of all: You should bring some extra time for Chile. Arrival and departure alone will cost you a full day, including jet lag. We recommend at least three or better four weeks for your trip. Travellers to Chile are easily tempted to underestimate the enormous distances! From north to south, Chile is 4300 kilometers long, and to the most beautiful destinations – the national parks in the Andes, deserted beaches, Patagonian glaciers - often only a gravel road or a ship leads. By land, the Southern Patagonian region Magallanes with the world-famous national park Torres del Paine can only be reached via Argentina.

The travel speed of course depends on the mode of travelling. You can combine different means of transport. Chile has a well-developed bus network, with which you can reach almost every bigger place, for longer distances in comfortable night buses. However, buses to the national parks are seldom or not at all available, so you have to rely on local tour operators. A rental car is the best choice for most regions, giving you the flexibility to go anywhere, at least with a jeep. On the other hand, you will spend a lot of time behind the wheel, and for long distances you have to consider the relatively high one-way rentals. In Patagonia car ferries bridge some impassable sections; here it is important to plan well and to reserve if necessary. Also boat tours through the canals and to glaciers have their schedules, prices and booking time. After all, you can shorten longer distances with domestic flights; however, you will miss the beautiful landscape on the way.

We have worked out six exemplary itineraries for different time budgets and interests. Some destinations can be combined like modules. Upon request, we will gladly create an individual travel program for you.