Who we are:

  • the N° 1 agency for housing, internships, Spanish courses, and rental cars in Chile
  • Your partner for all questions and projects regarding Chile
  • Experts in information about Chile and intercultural contacts

What is our aim?

  • To promote the exchange between Chile and other countries
  • To help foreigners to settle in Chile
  • To introduce interested people in the specific cultural features of this country
  • To share our experiences of many years in Chile with others


Elisa Alvarado
Elisa Alvarado
As an English teacher by profession, Elisa has always had a soft spot for the language, but what truly captivated her were cross-cultural connections. This led her to join ContactChile, where she works in the Housing Department, engaging with people from all around the globe.
Languages: Spanish, English
Hidden talent: Extremely skilled in crafting.
Fun fact: Collects vintage dresses.
María Elena Águila
María Elena Águila
María Elena, born in Chile and raised in the U.S. She studied Tourism Engineering Management. Has broad experience in tourism, language and teaching. Her passion for tourism and intercultural relations brought her to ContactChile in 2015.
Languages: Spanish, English.
Hidden talent: Amateur boxer.
Fun fact: Has survived a hurricane, earthquake and tornado.

Marketing & PR

Carolina Stagnaro
Carolina Stagnaro
Carolina, Chilean-Italian, studied Advertising and Communications in Santiago. She has over 15 years' experience in the marketing area and has worked in different countries such as France, Italy and South Africa. Due to her passion for cultures and experience abroad, she came to join ContactChile in 2012 where she is in charge of our Marketing Department.
Languages: Spanish, English, Italian, French.
Hidden talent: Expert dark chocolate taster.
Fun fact: Was kicked from behind and thrown into a lake by an ostrich.

Back Office

Bella has roots in England and was born 2016 in Santiago. Since 2017, she is part of the ContactChile team, contributing mainly at the reception. She likes to welcome customers and keeps the surroundings of our office under control, making sure that everything goes well at any time.
Languages: Spanish, German.
Hidden talent: Working as a photo model in her freetime.
Fun fact: Loves vegetables and organic products.
Roxana Sarmiento
Roxana Sarmiento
Roxana was born in Santiago and she’s been related to ContactChile for several years. Since 2012 she cooperates with the office operations. Thanks to her dedication and commitment, she won an important place in our international team.
Languages: Spanish.
Hidden talent: Poisonous spider’s defender.
Fun fact: Metallica’s number one fan.


Gabriela Quintana
Gabriela Quintana
Gaby is a Public Accountant and Auditor graduated from the University of Santiago, who despite her excellent relationship with numbers is passionate about languages and contact with people, which has led her to always develop in the field of customer service, sales and human resources.
Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese.
Hidden talent: Extreme sportswoman, practice Taekwondo, Archery, Trekking and all the disciplines that cross her path.
Fun fact: She loves airplanes and race cars and dreams of being a pilot of both.


Malte Sieber
Malte Sieber
Malte, raised near Berlin where he studied German and English at Humboldt University, is a journalist and publisher. Living in Chile since 1992, he ran a German language weekly for several years and has edited a variety of tourism-related publications. In 2000 he founded ContactChile Gestiones Interculturales and has been its General Manager since then.
Languages: German, Spanish, English.
Hidden talent: Opera singer.
Fun fact: Survives the bike paths of Santiago.
Rossana Vidal
Rossana Vidal
Rossana was born and raised in Santiago. She comes to us from the world of theater, where she worked as an actress and director/producer. She gained intercultural experience during several theater internships in Germany. She's also a Ontological and Transpersonal Coach. As an associate of ContactChile, she supervises the Housing Department.
Languages: Spanish.
Hidden talent: Anytime dancer, she even dances TV commercials.
Fun fact: Unaccomplished dream, become a jazz singer.

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