Laguna San Rafael

Glaciar San Rafael is the glacier closest to the equator reaching the sea. It descends from the northern Patagonian ice field into a Pacific fjord. Although it has decreased considerably in the past decades, it still stretches for about 120 kilometres and reaches up to 60 metres in height and 3 kilometres in length. Huge icebergs in all shades of blue float in the lagoon - certainly a highlight of any trip to Chile.

You have 3 options for visiting the Laguna San Rafael:

1.     with Skorpios on a multi-day boat tour starting in Puerto Montt

2.     off Puerto Chacabuco on one day with the catamaran "Chaitén"

3.     with small expedition boats starting at Bahía Exploradores

Day trip starting in Puerto Chacabuco

Organizer: Loberías del Sur

Ship: Catamaran “Chaitén”

Season: all year round

Travel dates: Jan/Feb 4x a week, March/Apr and Aug-Dec 3x a week, May-July 1-2x a week

Duration: 13-14 hours

Capacity: 95 passengers

Depending on weather conditions.


Prices vary depending on the season of your trip.

Adults (12 to 59 years)from 210 USDto 290 USD
Thrid age (60+ years)from 190 USDto 260 USD
Kids (4 to 11 years)from 110 USDto 160 USD

Includes: Breakfast, cocktail, lunch, hot beverages, open bar (return trip), whisky or pisco with thousand-year-old ice, dinghy trip to the glacier

7 am Check-in at Puerto Chacabuco

8 am Departure

Breakfast, Lectures, Cocktail, Lunch

1.30 pm Arrival at the lagoon San Rafael

2 pm rubber dinghy tour

3 pm return journey

Tea and snacks, open bar

8-9 pm Return to Puerto Chacabuco

Expedition boat off Bahía Exploradores

Organizer: Destino Patagonia

Ships: Cabin inflatable boats "Sisu" and "La Resistencia"

Season: September to May

Travel dates: flexible, as needed, minimum 4 passengers

Duration: 8 hours

Capacity: 10-12 passengers

Depending on weather conditions.

Price: approx. 230 USD per person

Transport: starting in Puerto Río Tranquilo: approx. 23 USD p.p.

Includes: Breakfast, lunch, coffee and tea, whisky with thousand-year-old ice, insurance, park entrance fee.

9.30 am Embarking at Bahía Exploradores (approx. 2 hours drive from Puerto Tranquilo)

12 pm Arrival in the lagoon San Rafael, short shore leave at the park ranger station (restrooms), visit the ruins of Hotel Ofqui

1 pm Drive to the glacier wall, lunch and whisky with glacier ice

2.30 pm Return trip

5 pm Return to Bahía Exploradores

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