Work & Travel in Chile

You just finished school or university and everybody is asking you what you are going to do now? You never have an answer to this question? What about taking some time off? Just leave, travel to the other end of the world, make new experiences and find inspiration? Chile is exactly the country to do just that. A country far away, but not totally strange, full of natural wonders and hospitable people. Our work and travel  program gives you the opportunity to have a change of place for a southern hemisphere summer and to get to know more than just the tourist attractions of Chile, while also gaining first working experiences abroad.

All of our work and travel  offers are located in the tourism sector and almost always include free accommodation and board. In some cases you even receive a small allowance or you have the possibility to earn tips. Additionally you have the chance to improve your Spanish without much cramming, through direct contact with the native-speaking people.

We are currently offering some Work & Travel jobs for half the program costs. Find all of them in our Last Minute section.

What you can expect:

Possible operational areas are: hotels, restaurants, tourism agencies or horse-farms in the Atacama-desert in the north, the Chilean lake-district or southern Patagonia.

Through your Work and Travel job you very often will get to know the most famous and amazing sights of Chile's impressing and ever-evolving scenery.

However, you should be aware that especially during high season your help is desperately needed and that it can sometimes become very stressful. That's why your work and travel employer really counts on your help after your confirmation.

Some positions give you the possibility to bring along your friend, as they need more than one person to help out.

Some establishments are located further away from cities, in order to provide their guests with the relaxation they are looking for. In these cases you have to reckon that you will not be able to drive into the city or go clubbing every night. So, please thoroughly read the offers !

What you can expect from us:

By having a lot of experience in the field, we are able to offer you carefully checked and selected jobs. We help you with the travel preparations and are always available for questions or if you encounter problems before your arrival as well as during your stay.

Our service includes:

  • Arrangement of your work and travel job
  • Pre-arrival information about Chile, your work and travel job and practical questions about your stay
  • Support of your travel preparations
  • Transfer from the airport to the office and arrival orientation in our office, if requested
  • Organization of inland travelling to your work and travel job (travel in on your expense)
  • Support during your entire stay
  • Monthly meetings with all participants (only in Santiago)


  • preparatory Spanish course with accommodation in a shared apartment in Santiago (please consult rates)