Spanish Courses in Chile

Travel with perspective. Learn Spanish between the Andes and the Pacific.

Come learn Spanish in one of the most beautiful countries in South! We offer lessons all over Chile, group or private classes and they always include an exciting recreational program. Design your class according to your personal needs. You decide when, where and how intensive you want to learn Spanish. We are waiting for you!

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I completed the 2-week language course in Puerto Varas, and it was excellent. They were warm and welcoming and made my stay unforgettable. Thank you.

Cynthia H. from United States

My teacher in Puerto Varas was helping me with every doubt I had and everything was very structured, helpful and varied. In addition, there was a very pleasant, personal atmosphere. So I can warmly recommend this course!

Dominik from Germany

This is a perfect place for my daughter and I. Thank you for your care and kindness and professionalism in arranging this ideal setting and program for myself and Lily. Muchas Gracias!

Terry M. from Canada

Thank you so much for welcoming me into your school and the wonderful excursions, conversations and experiences.Thank you so much for your instruction, hospitality and the great memories!

Rachel G. from Canada

I can only recommend the school, it is a really nice environment with really competent teachers.

Melanie D. from United States

Thank you for letting me know about the school. It is a great place and a fantastic learning experience! Thanks a lot again, it was awesome!

Sruthi from India

On Sunday I completed my language course and I was very happy with it. I really liked my accommodation, too.

Frederik L. from Germany