• To make new friends...

    is simpler than you think

  • On an excursion

    Get to know Chile´s beautiful landscape

A High School Year in Chile

  • Do you want to gain experience abroad?
  • Experience a foreign culture firsthand?
  • Gain a second (cultural) homeland?
  • Become proficient in Spanish?     

A stay abroad will be a valuable experience for you – you'll gain a second homeland, a second family and lots of new friends. In addition to learning the language, you will learn to find your way in a different country with a different culture. As you learn, you will be contributing to international understanding.

Getting to know a different culture is an exciting adventure and you will return home with unique and enriching experiences. You will be away from the world you know. Suddenly everything is new: people, places, language, and daily routines. Your typical day might be very different from what you have experienced before. While you manage, step by step, becoming part of your new surroundings, you will return home with many new insights, new abilities and friendships, that you could never have made back in your home country.
Obviously such an adventure must be well prepared – and we are here to help you do it.