If you are planning a trip to Chile you probably have some concerns and you are not sure where to find the necessary information. With our service you can be sure to get all those questions answered. Here are some of the most frequent questions from our clients:

Am I also covered by CDW insurance when travelling on the Carretera Austral?

You are covered by CDW insurance on all public roads (paved or not), except for driving on the Carretera Austral (Ruta 7) in a city car. Furthermore, damage to tyres and rims as well as glass damage are excluded from CDW insurance, unless they are the result of an accident.

Where do I buy a Chilean Sim card?

Chilean Sim cards are available in mobile phone shops, drugstores and supermarkets, and you can charge your SIM card with the needed credit. A Sim card can be used without registration for up to 30 days, after that you must register or buy another sim card. The registration is done via an online portal and some information about the phone is required, such as personal data, model number of the mobile phone, the MEI number etc. Please refer to our blog for more details.

Is a navigation device included?

The rental cars do not have a built-in navigation system and we generally do not recommend the navigation devices that the companies offer to rent additionally; we repeatedly get complaints. The maps are not of the same quality as you are used to in other parts of the world, and the rental is quite expensive. We recommend to install an app on your smartphone like maps.me or iOverlander (both free for iOS and Android) and download the corresponding Chile maps in advance. With these apps you can navigate without any internet connection. These apps access user-fed online maps such as Open Street Maps, contain numerous sights and services such as gas stations, restaurants, accommodations etc. and are updated regularly.

What is the best way to get Chilean Pesos?

You can withdraw cash (CLP) with your credit card or debit card in Chile. The banks set different dayly limits, mostly 200,000 CLP, at Banco Estado up to 450,000 CLP per day. But you can pay easily with credit card or debit card in most supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, etc. It is not necessary to carry Euros/Dollars and exchange them into Chilean Pesos.