Boat trips and ferries

In Patagonia, the wild southern peak of America, roads are quite rare. Instead you find rugged landscapes, especially in the western part of Patagonia, where glaciated mountain ranges meet deep fjords and dense rainforest. In many places boats and ships are used instead of the non-existent land connections and bridges. Along the Carretera Austral, there are four straits bridged by car ferries. Many of the glaciers of the Patagonian ice field or the Darwin cordillera on Tierra del Fuego can only be reached by ship.

We gladly assist you in finding a suitable ship route or ferry connection, as well as car ferries for your trip to Patagonia.

Australis: Through the Patagonian canals to the glaciers of Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn

Skorpios: Fjords and glaciers in Northern and Southern Patagonia

Whale watching in the Magellan Strait

Navimag: Through the canals of Patagonia

Laguna San Rafael: The Patagonian glacier closest to the equator

Car ferries: Connections along the Carretera Austral and to the Island of Chiloé