Skorpios: Patagonia

The ships of Skorpios explore the western Pagatonian island maze with its impressive fauna, the glaciers calving into the sea and the fascinating culture of the island of Chiloé.

Ruta Chonos: Island of Chiloé and Laguna San Rafael

The MS Skorpios II, built in 1988 and completely renovated in 2010, is a mini-cruiser for 106 passengers, with 53 cabins (all with private bathrooms), two comfortable lounges with bar and a spacious dining room.

Travel season: Mid-September to the end of April

Route: Puerto Montt - Puerto Montt

Departure on Saturdays

Arrival on Thursdays

Prices: approx. between 2400 and 3890 USD per person all-inclusive

This 5-nights sea voyage leads from Puerto Montt 1500 kilometers through the Patagonian islands to the Laguna San Rafael. You will visit typical towns and villages like Quemchi, Dalcahue and Puerto Aguirre. Discover the marvellous landscape of the islands of Conejos and Barrientos and in the Quitralco Fjord with its hot springs. One highlight is approaching the ice masses of the Rafael glacier.

Day 1 (Saturday)

Departure at 12 pm (noon). Golfo de Ancud - Visit Quemchi - Golfo de Corcovado

Day 2 (Sunday)

Visit the fishing village of Puerto Aguirre - boat trip to the Barrientos Islands (seabirds and seals) - Punta Leopardos

Day 3 (Monday)

Lagoon and glacier San Rafael by motorboats - Fiordo Quitralco

Day 4 (Tuesday)

Landing at Quitralco, bathing in the hot springs, boat trip around the fjord - heading for Chiloé

Day 5 (Wednesday)

Golfo Corcovado - Boat trip to the islets of Conejos (penguins and other sea birds) - Visit Dalcahue - farewell dinner

Day 6 (Thursday)

Return to Puerto Montt. Disembark at 9am.

Departure and arrival times are indications only.

Ruta Kaweskar: To the glaciers of the Southern Patagonian icefield

The MS Skorpios III, built in 1995 and completely renovated in 2012, is a mini-cruiser for 90 passengers, with 45 cabins (all with private bathrooms), two comfortable lounges with bar and a spacious dining room with panoramic view.

Travel season: End of October to April

Route: Puerto Natales - Puerto Natales

Departure Every three days (Tuesdays and Fridays)

Arrival Thursdays and Mondays

Prices: approx. between 2400 USD and 3890 USD per person all-inclusive

This 3-night sea voyage leads from Puerto Natales along 700 km to the southern Patagonian ice field to explore some glaciers that descend into the sea: Amalia, El Brujo, Calvo, Bernal and Herman are just a few among the appr. 15 glaciers that can be observed from a boat, motorboat or on a walk to the glacier wall, where you can also discover the diverse flora and fauna of Patagonia.

Day 1

16pm embarkation at Puerto Natales, departure 5.30pm - Patagonian canals

Day 2

Amalia Glacier - Brujo Glacier - Calvo Fjord

Day 3

Fiordo de las Montañas - Alsina Glacier - Bernal Glacier - Angostura White

Day 4

Arrival in Puerto Natales, disambarkation approx. 8am to 9.30 am.

Departure and arrival times are indicative only.

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