Day Tour on Rapa Nui

The highlights of the Easter Island

3800 kilometres off the coast, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you can discover Chile's Easter Island, the so-called Rapa Nui by the indigenous. The remotest inhabited island in the world is famous for its up to seven meter high stone figures called Moai, whose origin is still a mystery.

The day tour begins with a trip to the south of the island, past archaeological sites such as the Ahu Vaihu and the Ahu Akahanga with many overturned Moai; followed by a trip to the already extinct Volcano Rano Raraku, at whose crater edge lie or stand about 400 Moai. Passing the "navel of the world" the journey continues to Ahu Tongariki, the most beautiful and best reconstructed complex of the island. The tour ends at one of the only sandy beaches of the island, the Bay of Anakena.

Season: all year round

Schedules: daily departure

Duration: 7 ½ hours

Depending on weather conditions.

What`s included:
• English-speaking guide
• Lunchbox

Prices: from approx. 70 USD p.p.

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