Your Internship in South America - Chile!

Gain labor experience in Chile while improving your career prospects at home!

Would you like to get to know South America? You need an internship to finish your studies?

If you want to reach high, nowadays you have to present certificates of professional internships realized abroad at the moment of applying for a job.
ContactChile arranges interesting internships for high school graduates and college/university students, from 2 to 12 months in varied areas and all over Chile. We offer internship placements in the business sector (Marketing, Controlling etc.), social internships (in NGO´s and governmental institutions), in the tourism sector (directly in contact with the clients or in Destination Management etc.) and internships in creative and cultural institutions.

We can offer you:

  • Easy application 
  • Intercultural orientation
  • Contact with you in English
  • Permanent contact and trouble-shooting

Why Chile? Chile is a country whose contintental length is similar to the distance between Moscow and Lisbon or New York and San Francisco. Chile is a multi-colored ribbon with a length of 4,329 kilometres and a varied climate starting with aridity in the deserts of the north, to temperature in the centar of the country to arctic conditions in the south. The social and economic environment of stability creates a promising future.

But why doing an internship in Chile? Chile gives great opportunities to young international professionals! We offer internship placements in important and established companies, where you can learn a lot about the Chilean labor market and business in general. A foreign intern in Chile is highly appreciated and able to take part in important projects.

Normally, instead of offering "available" placements (which is not a very common concept in Chile) we search actively for an adequate internship regarding the applicant´s preferences and skills. We are in contact with a high amount of companies and organizations which we have worked with for the last 10 years.

Have a look at our internship positions. We are currently offering many of these internships for half the price. Find all of them in our Last Minute section.

Interested? Any questions? Don't hesitate and just contact us :

Do you need to improve your Spanish skills? We can offer you Spanish lessons in Santiago and other cities in Chile. You can learn the local language and be more prepared for your internship! We would be happy to help you planning your time in Chile!

Would you like to know what our interns think about their Internship in Chile?

Have a look at this video:


The internship and the family are PERFECT! The marketing project was super interesting, the boss supervised me directly, the work was very efficient, it could not have been better.

Isabel K. from Germany

I just wanted to say 'Thank you', I loved Chile! Your work is very helpful, without you I could not have made this trip!

Kristina P. from Germany

ContactChile was wonderful! They went above and beyond what their job entails to help be find an internship. Many thanks for Contact Chile's services.

Shanon L. from United States

I want to say 'Thank you' ContactChile for all the assistance and the support in realizing my dream of doing an internship in Chile.

Anderson G. from Brazil

I would like to thank ContactChile for their kind support which made my dream of an internship in Chile come true!

Anderson G. from Brasil

I really enjoyed my stay in Chile and hope to come back very soon. Nos vemos!

Tobias F. from Germany

Very friendly service and prompt answers. The ContactChile gatherings were fun and well organized. It´s great that ContactChile offers everything: Internship, Housing and Excursions.

Michael K. from Germany

I liked the informal service, you did not respond in the usual cold and business-like style. That was great!! I truly enjoyed my time in Chile and learned a lot more about the country.

Eunike M. from Germany

I want to thank you for the great intermediation and mentoring of the internship.

Martin B. from Germany

Thank you very much for supporting me with organizing my internship in Chile, I had a wonderful experience!

Giada G. from Switzerland