Booking & Conditions

Availability and booking

We will check availability of vehicles when receiving an inquiry with vehicle category, rental period and rental location. Once we have confirmed availability, we send you a quotation and you can make the payments via bank transfer to our accounts in Chile (USD) or Germany (EUR) or pay by credit card.

Car insurance

In our price list we make the difference between two kinds of insurance:

  • Car insurance with deductible. This insurance is included in the price, but in case of damage you have to pay a deductible up to 800 USD approx.
  • Car insurance without deductible (CDW, Collision Damage Waiver). Car protection without deductible, included in the price.

PLEASE NOTE: The third party insurance for Chile and Argentina has relatively low coverage. That's why we strongly recommend to inquire about additional third party insurance in your home country before starting your journey to Chile. Often, such an additional insurance comes with your credit card.

Rental Stations

You can take over the car at the respective airport, at the city office or, if you wish so, in your hotel. However, a fee may incur when taking over the car at the airport or hotel.

  •     Antofagasta
  •     Arica
  •     Calama
  •     Concepción
  •     Copiapó
  •     Coyhaique (Balmaceda)
  •     Iquique
  •     La Serena
  •     Pucón
  •     Puerto Montt
  •     Puerto Natales
  •     Punta Arenas
  •     Santiago
  •     Temuco
  •     Valdivia
  •     Viña del Mar

Included Services

Prices include:

  • Fully comprehensive car insurance, with or without deductible (see above).*
  • Third party (liability) insurance.*
  • 24 hours emergency hotline
  • Support service in all Chile.*
  • Replacement car in case of unrepairable damage*
  • Unlimited mileage (campers with limited mileage).
  • VAT.

* Please pay attention to the details in the rental and insurance conditions of each individual provider. As limit of indemnity is quite low, we recommend to take an extra liability insurance in your home country or to check if you already have such a protection.

Highway Tolls

These tolls are paid in cash on most highways, for example along the Panamericana between La Serena and Puerto Montt. The fees for using the city highways in Santiago are collected by an electronic system called TAG. All rental cars dispose of the respective equipment. The fees for using these city highways with your rental car depend on the operator: Either they have a fixed daily lump sum (appr. USD 6 per day) or they will charge the exact tolls afterwards to your credit card.

With the rental car to Argentina

If you want to take the vehicle abroad to Argentina, it is essential to indicate this with your reservation (at least 1 week before taking over the car), since you need special documents. Extra costs for insurance and notarized authorization depend on the length of stay in Argentina and are indicated in our cost calculator.