Safe stay inside and outside

So that you sleep peacefully

In your accommodation

Ask about security measures in the house or building.

In shared accommodations, always lock your room door when going out.

Ask your hosts about the best place to keep your valuable belongings (laptop, camera, money, etc.) especially in the case of a long absence.

Check with your insurance company about coverage (if there is any) for claims of theft from a residence.

Don’t expect your hosts to take responsibility for losses due to a break-in: the large majority of Chileans don’t have home owner’s insurance.

By car

Opportunity makes the thief

When parking the car, especially in cities, don’t leave anything visible inside the car, take out the radio or the panel, and lock the doors and close windows.

At no time should you trust the informal „car watchers“ at on-street parking. They won’t take responsibility if something is stolen from your car. Even more, they are sometimes in cahoots with the criminals themselves.

At night, park the car in a secure place, preferably indoors, and don’t leave anything within sight.

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In Cafés and Restaurants

So that you enjoy your meal

In cafés or restaurants, never hang your purse or bag from the seat-back and never leave your belongings unattended. Some restaurants provide special straps for tying bags to the seats. Better yet, keep it in your lap or at your feet under the table.

At the beach

So that you have a perfect day

Don’t take valuables to the beach, and never leave your belongings unattended.