In case of trouble

Don’t try to be a hero!

If it happens, despite the low probability, that you become a victim of violence,
don’t resist! Hand over your valuables without hesitation and do what you can to avoid that you or others suffer harm.

“Constancia“ or „denuncia“?

What to do in the case of robbery or assault?
Call the police (Carabineros, Ph. 133) or go to the nearest police station.

It’s unlikely that the police will be able to do much in the case of robbery. But, if you want to make an insurance claim, ask for a police report.

Regarding insured belongings it’s enough to ask for a simple „constancia”
(written report) about the incident with a detailed list of the stolen items.

Only in the case of serious crimes is it recommended that you make a “denuncia” (accusation). This will start you on the judicial process (in the municipality of the crime), that could demand a lot of time and energy.

Block Credit Cards

Write down, on a separate piece of paper, credit/debit card numbers so that
you have them on hand in case of loss or theft.

In the case of loss or theft of cards, call the issuing bank or corresponding
emergency number:

Visa: 1230-020-2136
Euro/Mastercard: 123-00-202012
AmEx: 800-361002
Diner’s Club: 800-220220