Restaurants, Bars, Cafés

If you like to try some culinary specialties and if you like to eat well, it is easy to find something. You don’t have to choose only the expensive restaurants, there are many simple places with delicious homemade meals. Below you find a selection of rustic, very good, exotic or nice places in Santiago.


Mainly simple restaurants with Chilean flair and homemade meals:

  • Mercado Central: Fish & Seafood, at Metro station Cal y Canto (Ismael Valdés Vergara / Puente);
  • "Donde Augusto", not to be overseen in the middle of the hall, it is higher prized compared to the other restaurants all around, which offer similar menus; only until 18 h
  • Ostras Azócar: the restaurant is supposed to have the best seafood in town, Gral. Bulnes 37
  • Confitería Torres: Chilean food, Alameda 1570
  • Frederick´s: Modern bistro, Almirante Gotuzzo 102
  • El Naturista: Vegetarian food, Moneda 846
  • Café Colonia: Coffee and cake, very German, Mac Iver 161 and 133
  • Kintaro:  inexpensive Japanese restaurant, Monjitas 460, at metro station Bellas Artes
  • Opera/Catedral: French fusion, Merced 395

Barrio Lastarria

A pleasant district east of Cerro Santa Lucía, part of the Center

  • La Pérgola de la Plaza: charming inner courtyard, J.V. Lastarria 307
  • Lastarria 70: new inner courtyard with many good restaurants
  • Zabo: Sushi-Bar in gemütlichem Innenhof, Lastarria 307
  • Berri's: unique bar visited by young people, corner J. V. Lastarria/Rosas
  • Café Escondido: a truly "hidden", cozy pub in a dead-end off the street Rosas

Barrio Bellavista

In Bellavista you will find the highest concentration of restaurants and pubs per cuadra (block). They have rustic Chilean food and even ethno specialties. Also, here you will find the liveliest bars of Santiago:

  • El Caramaño: Chilean, original, inexpensive; Purísima 257
  • Venecia: old fashioned pub, once a favorite haunt of Pablo Neruda. Pío Nono 200
  • Eladio: Barbecue, big portions, low prices, Pío Nono 251
  • Todo Fresco: Seafood in Peruan style, not cheap, A. López de Bello 61
  • Azul Profundo: Seafood, friendly atmosphere, Constitución 111
  • Como Agua para Chocolate: Mexican "cocina mágica", Constitución 88
  • Kilomètre 11.680: Französische Küche, Wein- und Käseverkostung, Dardignac 0145
  • La Mesa del Mundo: Ethno-Food, inkl. Spezialitäten von der Osterinsel, Dardignac 0134
  • Etniko: original bar with international flair and ethno music, Sushi, good wine, Constitución 172
  • La Casa en el Aire: Literary events and music, A. López de Bello 0125.
  • El Perseguidor: Jazz pub with live music and informal atmosphere, A. López de Bello 0126
  • El Mesón Nerudiano: Jazz, boleros, singer-songwriters. Dominica 35
  • Patio Bellavista: block completely removed to core with a number of restaurants and bars and fancy shops. Very touristy. Constitución 30

Barrio Brasil

100 years ago wealthy people lived in this district west of the center, nowadays it is the favorite place to live for students and artists.

  • Garibaldi: Mexican food, Moneda 2319
  • Per Piacere: Italian food, Catedral corner Maturana


All along Avenida Providencia you will find many traditional fine pubs, while in the new district Barrio Cóndell almost every week opens a new restaurant; Barrio Suecia has turned into the favorite place for gringos, although lately it has turned into a center of drugs and prostitution.

  • Liguria: Restaurants with Argentinean-Italian touch, a favorite for artists and literates. Big portions. Av. Providencia 1373, Av. Pedro de Valdivia 048 and Luis Thayer Ojeda 019
  • Puerto Perú: top Peruan restaurant, only with reservation, Cóndell 1298 - Tel. 222 84 32
  • El Huerto: very good vegetarian food, special lunch offer, Orrego Luco 054
  • Le Flaubert: French restaurant with tea room and patio, Orrego Luco 125
  • Tavelli: Café, Meeting point for intellectuals, Andrés de Fuenzalida 34
  • Café del Patio: Vegetarian kitchen, friendly atmosphere. Av. Providencia 1670
  • A Pinch of Pancho: North-American, General Del Canto 45
  • Boomerang: One of many pubs with happy hour in Barrio Suecia, General Holley 2285
  • Astrid y Gastón: Peruvian. Antonio Bellet 201
  • El Parrón: Typical Chilean. Providencia 1184
  • Aquí está Coco: The seafood classic. La Concepción 236
  • El Arbol: vegetarian and inexpensive. Huelén 74

Las Condes

At the street El Bosque Norte (Metro Tobalaba), Isidora Goyenechea and on two or three cuadras north of Avenida Apoquindo you will find many high class restaurants and in-pubs:

  • El Otro Sitio: Peruvian. Boulevard del Mall Parque Arauco
  • Tiramisu: Italian. Isidora Goyenechea 3141
  • Café Melba: Good breakfast. Don Carlos 2898
  • Pub-Licity: Drinks, Mexican
  • Grissini: Italian restaurant
  • Isla Negra + Aquí está Coco: Seafood
  • Boulevard Parque Arauco: Restaurant-mile directly at the shopping mall, Av. Kennedy 5413


If money is not an issue:

  • Europeo: Considered the best restaurant in Santiago. Alonso de Córdova 2417
  • La Sal: International. Av. Vitacura 8411
  • Puerto Fuy: Creative cuisine. Nueva Costanera 3969
  • BordeRío: Complex with a number of exclusive restaurants. Monseñor Escrivá de Balaguer 6400

Plaza Ñuñoa

A relatively new area for the nightlife, less snobby than Suecia or El Bosque, around a nice Plaza:

  • Las Lanzas: One of the most unique pubs at Plaza Ñuñoa, simple and inexpensive and therefore always highly frequented. Jorge Washington, corner Irarrázaval
  • Ébano: "Soul" cuisine: Sushi and cool drinks, stylish atmosphere. Jorge Washington 176
  • The Clinic: Vibrant bar with political jokes on the walls and in the menu, Jorge Washington 58
  • Bar Sin Nombre: A "nameless" bar for the late night bird, small and quite smoky. Av. Irarrázaval 3420