Monthly Budget

Budget per month

The following overview will help you to estimate the costs of living for students in Santiago de Chile. Only basic expenses for rent, food and transport have been taken into consideration. The currency conversion for USD is based on the current exchange rate.

Pinchpenny budget 

Pesos USD 
Room Rent 200,000265 USD

Public transport (2 busses/metro per day, Mon-Sun
44,80059 USD
Breakfast, daily 2,0002,65 USD
Lunch, daily 3,0003,98 USD
Dinner, daily3,5004,64 USD
Food, total (homemade food, simple restaurants) 255,000338 USD


Standard budget

Pesos USD
Room Rent 250,000332 USD
Public transport (4 busses/metro per day, Mon-Sun) 89,600119 USD
Breakfast, daily (homemade with fruit and egg)     2,0002,65 USD
Lunch, daily (homemade, simple restaurants) 4,5005,97 USD
Dinner, daily (simple restaurant, incl. 1 beer)8,00011,94 USD
Food, total 405,000537 USD
Movie theatre (4 x)22,00029 USD
TOTAL PER MONTH 796,6001.056 USD
Prices were updated on May, 2020 and are converted by daily exchange rate.