Safe Stay: Arriving at the airport

So that you only cry tears of joy upon arrival.

In the arrivals area, once you pass customs, there is always a mass of people – great working conditions for a purse-snatcher or pickpocket. Keep track of your luggage and don’t get distracted!

Be careful with the large number of taxi drivers in the arrival area in the Santiago airport. They insistently offer their services and immediately try to take the cart with suitcases if you are the least bit diplomatic. The majority of them don’t have a license nor passenger insurance, and in many cases they appear in a beat-up vehicle. There have been cases of travelers being swindled by illegal taxi drivers. Therefore: Refuse all of the offers with a firm „No, gracias“ and direct yourself with purpose towards the exit or towards the counter of an authorized company.

At ContactChile we organize for our clients the transfer from the airport with the
official company TurTransfer whose counter is close to the baggage-claim area before you pass through customs.

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