General Terms and Conditions

Room Rental through ContactChile 

  • The rent of the apartment is quoted in Chilean Pesos (CLP). Rates mentioned in USD or EUR only serve as a reference and can vary depending on the exchange rate.
  • The agency fee is based upon the monthly rent and depends on the length of the stay, according to the fees published on our website It has to be paid when making the reservation for the room.
  • The reservation deposit has to be paid to ContactChile. It consists of the first month’s rent plus the agency fee. The rent for the remaining time (from the 2nd month) shall be paid directly to the landlord in Chilean Pesos at the beginning of each rental month.
  • A rental month counts from the day you move into the room (i.e. from the 20th August to 20th September). In case you do not complete a full month at the end of your stay, you might negotiate a reduced payment directly with the landlord. Nevertheless, there is no general right to this procedure.  
  • The agency fee includes the possibility of changing rooms solely when the reserved option differs fundamentally from the published description. In order not to incur any additional costs to you, we recommend to leave the original room at the end of a rental month with giving at least 14 days notice to the landlord and to ContactChile.   
  • The date of departure is the one indicated in the confirmation. We ask you to inform ContactChile about any change of the date of departure.
  • If you wish to extend the stay beyond the initially agreed period, the agency fee has to be paid as a new rental, with a discount of 10%. The prolongation is only possible if ContactChile has not confirmed any subsequent reservation.
  • The rent is per person (except rent of double rooms). For reception or accommodation of guests in the house or apartment you must have the explicit permission of the landlord; please consult with anticipation. The tenant is responsible for any damage or loss caused by his/her guest. If not agreed otherwise, there will be charged an extra charge for accommodation of guests, which will be between CLP 8,000 and CLP 10,000 per night. It is also possible to make a reservation for another room via ContactChile; the fee for accommodation for less than 1 month is CLP 35,000.
  • The tenant is obliged to maintain the lodging and shared furnishings or premises orderly and clean. The tenant shall be held responsible for any damage to, or loss of, items of furniture occurred during his or her stay; any damage shall be repaired by the participant and loss shall be replaced adequately.
  • The tenant is obliged to act according to local customs and comply with the rules of common life at the lodging. We ask you to dissolve any dissension or conflicts directly with the landlord. If this results impossible or unsatisfactory, ContactChile will try to mediate. Any big violation of the rules of common life, may result in the immediate ending of the contract without entitling the tenant to any compensation or refund.
  • In case that the reserved room should not be availableupon arrival of the tenant due to unpredictable reasons or by acts of god, ContactChile shall intent to provide the tenant with an alternative room. However, if this is not possible, we shall refund the rent deposit and the agency fee.
  • In case the tenant desists from renting the previously reserved room or cancels the trip to Chile for personal reasons or acts of god, ContactChile shall not return the already paid rent deposit, unless we reach a different agreement with the landlord. ContactChile shall return the agency fee to the tenant deducting 100 USD and banking fees.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Chile!
ContactChile Gestiones Interculturales Ltda.