Services & Fees

Our services

You will find a lot of property brokers in Chile. However, we at ContactChile provide you with broad intercultural services you will not find elsewhere. Not only do we choose the apartments with care, and give you a well documented description with pictures, but we also offer you qualified advice about the advantages and disadvantages of the neighborhood, public transport and equipment and provide you with our assistance from the initial contact and signing the contract until the devolution of the deposit. We shall act as a contact and mediator to provide you with assistance during your whole stay in Chile.

Our services include:

  • Specific information on available accommodation (descriptions, photos, evaluations)
  • Advice on the choice of neighborhood and apartment
  • We offer correspondence in four languages (English, Spanish, German, French)
  • Reservation of the chosen apartment with anticipation
  • You may visit different options before making your choice
  • One of our representatives can accompany and support you (e.g. translating when necessary) when signing the contract and handing over the apartment (only during office hours).
  • We will mediate if you encounter problems with your landlord/landlady.
  • Should there be serious problems or issues with the apartment upon your arrival, we will work with you to either find a solution with the landlord or find you another housing option at no extra charge.   
  • We assure the devolution of the deposit by the end of the contract.      

Our fees

Our agency's fee is calculated as a percentage of a monthly rent and depends on the length of your stay. It is charged only once, when making the reservation for the apartment. ContactChile will keep the deposit to assure its devolution by the end of the contract.

In case of extension, the corresponding fee will be charged again, with a discount of 20%.