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Santiago Centro & Recoleta

Apartments for rent in Santiago Centro & Recoleta

Renting an apartment in the ancient city center of Santiago de Chile or in the neighboring district Recoleta is attractive for those looking for low cost options near the big universities and governmental agencies. Lots of business companies have their headquarters in the center, too. The center is very well connected to the northern, western and southern districts of Santiago. The subway (metro) line 1 reaches the eastern districts Providencia and Las Condes, too, while line 2 passes through Recoleta. The ancient center - also called "centro centro" - is dominated by offices and retail shops, while south of main avenue Bernardo O'Higgins (also called Alameda) and west of Panamericana highway (Ruta 5) there are mainly residential areas. In the center you will find mainly older, multi-story buildings, a lot of traffic and narrow streets. But lately lots of modern apartment highrises have been built, some of them listed here.

On this site you can find a list of furnished apartments in the districts of Santiago and Recoleta.

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