Testimonials High School Exchange in Chile

Lise (17) from Switzerland

For me, this exchange was an experience that I would recommend to anyone.

I have learned to build up more self-confidence and have been able to try things I would never have dared to do in my normal environment. I was also able to experience what it means to live in a country that is not as safe as Switzerland and could learn to be grateful for what I have. I also greatly appreciated immersing myself in a family that has other habits and has given me the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective.

During the exchange I experienced great adventures, discovered new things in every corner and you never know what to expect next!

Sarah (16) from Germany

I was in Chile from the end of June until mid September, more precisely in Santiago – crazy how quickly time has gone by, especially when you've felt as comfortable as I did.

From the very beginning I got along very well with my host parents and siblings, especially with Paula, my host sister of the same age. They have been the perfect host family for me, particularly since there was always something going on with four children in the house.

Altogether I experienced a lot and was able to gain a lot of great new experiences during my exchange in Chile. I got to know Santiago with all its different facets and of course the unbelievable hospitality of the Chileans, in the school I visited, in the environment of my host family and in the language school.

I can only recommend this experience to everyone.

Marina (23) from Switzerland

Looks back on her student exchange in 2013

In 2013 I was in Chile for 6 months and went to “Colegio Suizo” in Santiago, a partner school of my former high school in Switzerland. It was a direct exchange, which means that at the same time the daughter of my host family lived at my home in Switzerland.

I really enjoyed my time in Chile, especially the amazing trips I did with my host family as well as with my friends. For example, I travelled with friends to the Atacama Desert in the north of Chile and got to know the south of Chile with my host family. 

Every day was exciting and different from my everyday life in Switzerland. The atmosphere at school was a bit more relaxed than in Switzerland. I quickly made friends there and I also felt very comfortable in my host family and was immediately integrated into everyday life as a new family member. During my stay in Chile I was able to improve my Spanish enormously and I noticed that I became more independent.

Looking back, I took a lot of experiences from my time in Chile with me. What I appreciate most is that I was able to keep in touch with my Chilean friends and my host family even after the student exchange and despite the great distance. My second Chilean guest sister later decided to do a student exchange and stayed with me and my family in Switzerland during this time. That's why my Chilean host family also came to Switzerland for a visit and we all travelled through the country together.

Also in the long run, the student exchange has strongly influenced my life. After 5 years I returned to Chile to take up a trainee position after my studies.

Martín (15) from France

My exchange in Chile was smooth! I had a great time and got to know many very nice people and an incredible country. Also, I took with me many memories and a totally new language that I love. There was no big difficulty during my exchange, maybe just the fact that I couldn’t understand the Chilean Spanish that well at the beginning. I would definitely recommend this exchange to a friend who wants to get in touch with South America, as I experienced that it can be very easy to learn a new language and discover a country and its culture. It was a very interesting trip!

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