High School Year in Chile

How to apply?

If you like our program, talk to your parents about your plans and send us an Enquiry. We will send you a simple application form and then set up an appointment for a Skype interview. The idea is for us to get to know you better, understand your expectations, etc. We want to make sure that spending time abroad is right for you. During the interview we will focus on your maturity, tolerance and adaptability and give you the chance to ask any questions you might have.

If we think that you are a suitable candidate for our program, we will send you our complete application forms. With all the services included in our program we want to make sure that your experience abroad is a real success.

Together with your parents you can complete the application forms and send them together with the signed contract. The more we know about you, the better we can match you with a host family.

About 6 weeks before your departure you will receive the placement confirmation with information about your host family and the school acceptance documentation. Once you have all this documentation, you may apply for the visa and book your flight.