Spanish Group Courses in Santiago

Learning Spanish in Santiago allows for: 

  • Skiing in the Andes in the morning and shopping in "Sanhattan" in the afternoon
  • Culture, nightlife, capital air…

The school we work with offers:  

  • The possibility to start at your corresponding level   
  • English speaking contact person, nice teachers
  • An uncomplicated school with a great ambiance
  • Weekend excursions and cultural activities


Spanish lesson1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks Extra week
Intensive (20 TU/week) 190 USD380 USD570 USD 680 USD170 USD
Super intensive (30 TU/week) 250 USD 500 USD750 USD 900 USD225 USD
Crash course (35 TU/week)330 USD 660 USD990 USD1200 USD300 USD

In conjunction with the Spanish course we can also offer you affordable accommodation (10% discount on agency’s fee*).
*not in addition with other discounts 

The school at a glance

LocationSantiago city center, Providencia
Average number of students in attendance 30
Levels 8
Size of the group max. 7
Minutes per teaching unit45
Average age of teachers39
Lodging alternatives Flat share, family, apartment
One time application fee55 USD

Recreational Program

(depending on sanitary restrictions)

  • Visiting cultural establishments in Santiago:
  • Every student can participate free of charge once a week
  • Salsa, tango and yoga classes
  • Tandem in a group: Spanish students and Chilean English students learn from and with each other in a fun setting
  • Regular gathering: Here you can meet students from the Tandem group and other local students in a comfortable atmosphere
  • Excursions on weekends: We offer day excursions in the surrounding areas on Saturdays and Sundays . Explore national parks, the central coast and the Andes… Our bilingual guides (Spanish and English) show you places tourists normally don't get to

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