Private Spanish Lessons in Santiago

Currently there are no courses available!

Learning Spanish in Santiago allows for:   

  • Skiing in the Andes in the morning and shopping in "Sanhattan" in the afternoon.
  • Culture, nightlife, capital air…

The school we work with offers:

  • Individual learning with material adjusted to your needs
  • Unconventional lessons
  • classes at home or at the office
  • You will not only learn Spanish, but also about the Chilean history, culture and society


Private classes Price per class (2 x 45 minutes)
In betwen 1 & 5 units weekly from 32 USD
For more than 6 units weekly from 29 USD
10 classes a week (Mo - Fr)Price
General Spanish210 USD
DELE preparation250 USD
Specific Spanish
250 USD

One Spanish class consists of 2 x 45 minutes

The school at a glance

Location    Santiago, Providencia
Average number of students in attendance23
Levels 4
Size of the group1-2
Minutes per teaching unit 45
Average age of teachers 29
Lodging alternatives Flat share, family, apartment

Recreational Program

  • Spanish lessons outside the classroom: Your Spanish teacher shows you special places in Santiago, off the beaten track. Visit the traditional neighborhood Chimba with " la Vega" a huge fruit and vegetable market or have a nice chat with local people in the notorious bar "La Piojera" drinking a delicious "Terremoto"

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