Intercultural Orientation

Every country has its own particular customs. It is not easy to integrate in the Chilean society, to get to know Chileans, to make friends and to be accepted rapidly by the team at work. To accomplish this, it is essential to understand the Chilean culture, the differences in mentality, the traditional as well as the modern life concept of Chileans, the typical behavior during business meetings, the role of women and men in Chilean society etc. We provide our clients with intercultural orientation for their work life as well as for their private life - we have gone through the same experiences first hand!

What kind of cultural events does the metropolis Santiago offer? Where can I find current activities, where can I buy tickets? Where are the best gyms, swimming pools or tennis courts? Where can I find the best shopping centers? At ContactChile of course we know the hottest pubs and bars, the most traditional and classiest restaurants and cafés, the safest shopping centers and sporting facilities.

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