Founding a company

You want to establish a company, a branch or a subsidiary in Chile? We will support you in doing so! Within 15 days the new company is operational in the form of a Sociedad por Acciones (SpA) - regardless of whether you have a Chilean visa. In cooperation with an international law firm, we take over the complete handling of the foundation process.

Our service includes:

1. Preparation of the powers of attorney (per shareholder) for the lawyer.

2. Application for the tax number

3. Preparation of the shareholder agreement

4. Formation of the company on behalf of the shareholders by power of attorney.

5. Applying for the tax number for the company to be formed.

6. Carrying out the incorporation process before the notary, at the Commercial Register and Publication.

7. International tax advice for the shareholders and the company.

8. Opening a bank account with Euro, Dollar and Pesos account.

9. Legal representation on behalf of the shareholders and the new Chilean company (bank transfers, invoicing, document verification).


Fees by arrangement.

Legal representation (point 9) costs 2.5 UF per month (approx. 90 USD).

The costs for notary, legalizations, registration, publications and translations (if necessary) are variable. Flat rate: 230 USD per shareholder.

An official company address costs about 30 USD per month. This is offered by various service providers.

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