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Very happy

And would definitely recommend the service. Thank you! Tim Williams, New Zealand - Rental Apartments

Reliable Company

Dear Dörte Schulz. I am writing this e-mail just to say thank you ever so much for being such a reliable and honest company with integrity and decency.  I will recommend you to all my friends and people I meet in the best possibly way here in Sydney and others states. Thank you. Carlos Salas Martínez, Spain - Rental Apartments

Very impressed 

I was very impressed with the professionalism of your company and how you all handle everything. Even the problems. Besides the fact that the landlady and apartment was excellent, you all were very prompt in communication and always very precise with the numbers. It has been by far the best renting experience I have had. everything turned out excellent. Thanks so much for the wonderful experience! Corbin Jackson - Rental Apartments

Excellent language course and unforgettable stay! 

I completed the 2-week language course in Puerto Varas, and it was excellent. Alex was my teacher and he did an excellent job. They were warm and welcoming and made my stay unforgettable. Thank you. Cynthia Hood , USA - Rental Apartments and Spanish Course

Great time! 

Thanks very much. We've had a great time and will recommend your services and apartment. Beau keeps a blog and has cited your company and fantastic accommodation. I also enjoyed the Tandem contact as well. Mucho gracias! Robin Patronik - Rental Apartments and Spanish Course

Thank you!

Hola Franka, it's already a long time ago since you helped us out with our search for houses. I still want to thank you! We're living happily in Vitacura (Santa María ) now since November. Mucho gracias para ayudarnos! Iris de Kruijff , Netherlands - Relocation

Perfect Place 

Dear Dörte, I am thrilled with our place in PV. Malva and Alex have been so kind. This is a perfect place for my daughter and I. Thank you for your care and kindness and professionalism in arranging this ideal setting and program for myself and Lily. Muchas Gracias! Terry Mitchell, Canada - Spanish Course

First Class Service

I arrived in Santiago pretty clueless when it came to accomodation. I found ContactChile who offered a wide range of quality accomodation at favourable prices. The alternative would have been searching through classified ads, and this would have made a wonderful stay in the city very stressful. During the morning that I arrived in the ContactChile office, Stephanie helped by shortlisting appropriate apartments. Later that same day I had made my viewing and selection. If only everything in life was this painless! Thanks guys for a first class service. Andrew Boyce, UK - Rental Apartments

Wonderful time

I had a wonderful time in Puerto Varas. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home and your school, and the wonderful excursions, conversations and experiences. I will always think friendly of Puerto Varas, and hope to make it back here someday. My classes were really helpful and the time flew by. Thank you so much for your instruction, hospitality and the great memories! Rachel Greenwood, Canada - Spanish Course

Very good organization!

I would like to thank you for the very good organisation of our holidays in Chile, we had great time, pick up and drop off from the airport was perfect and on time, the apartment very comfortable and the estate agency people very kind and helpful. Milena Hanssen, Papua New Guinea - Rental Apartments


Our vacation in Chile was perfect, everything related to the cars worked out fine, just as we planned it. Splitting up into two vehicles didn't spoil it, we had just as much fun as being all together in one single car. Chile is a fantastic country for vacations, especially the North impressed us very much. Thank you once again for the perfect service. Rik Kelchpermans, Belgium - Car Rental

Great staff 

I wanted to write to thank the staff at ContactChile for making our stay pleasurable. In particular, Rossana came through on our day of arrival to sort out all the confusion and make sure we got into our apartment. After our arrival, Humberto was always very responsive to all of our concerns and questions. I wanted to make sure to give the needed pat on the back to the great staff there. Jen Peck, USA - Rental Apartments

Professional and on top

I really wanted to say "thank you" in person for being so professional and for really being on top of things with us. The support is really comforting and I have recommended ContactChile to my former advisor at Dominican University so that current or future students can have a chance to practice their Spanish and possibly intern in Chile. Sarah Miller - Internship

Competent teachers

I started off with a very very limited knowledge of Spanish and it improved a lot during my stay. Going to class was fun and a great part for me was that Paola proved to be very flexible on when to do classes. I can only recommend the school, it is a really nice environment with really competent teachers.
Melanie D., U.S.A - 
Spanish Course

Friendly service

Very friendly service and prompt answers. The ContactChile gatherings were fun and well organized. It´s great that ContactChile offers everything: Internship, Housing and Excursions. Michael König, Germany - Internship 

Like a real home

I would definitely not have lived in another place! “Quinta Normal” was like a real home for me. The atmosphere and service there were just fantastic. Don Jaime, the owner of the residence, is as good as gold -he does everything for the residents and realizes any suggestion for improvement.
Christoph Keutmann, Germany -
Rental Apartments

A great time

I had a great time in Chile. It was the best I could do after my exams. And right now I´m feeling so nostalgic for Chile and I´d like to take the next flight back and stay a couple of months longer. My room is still vacant and waiting for me and so are my flat mates. Julia Schmid, Germany - Rental Apartments

A great success

I am a very satisfied client of ContactChile. Bessy's attention to detail, positive attitude, friendly disposition and hands-on service made it possible for me to easily navigate in around Santiago, and as a non-Spanish speaking 'gringo', I can't tell you how valuable Bessy has been to me. My experience here in Santiago has been memorable and a great success. Steve Tucker - Rental Apartments


You guys run a fabulous service and I would recommend it to any and everyone. You guys are prompt, efficient and fair... and fun, too. John Grattan, USA -
Rental Apartments


I just wanted to say Thank you, I loved it in Chile! I have learned so many new things, also about the country. You have done a great job and I imagine, your work must sometimes be rather difficult. Your work is very helpful, without you I could not have made this trip! Kristina Petry, Germany - Internship


Briscila of ContactChile was wonderful! She went above and beyond what her job entails to help be find an internship. Many thanks for Contact Chile's services. Shannon Smith, USA - Internship

It couldn't have been better!

The internship and the family are PERFECT! The marketing project was super interesting, the boss supervised me directly, the work was very efficient, it could not have been better. The same goes for the host family and the room, absolutely lovely people and nice exchange students, great food and great location: Even though I lived right in the center, the room was very quiet, there was a pool, etc. etc. etc… I am very happy with everything!!! Isabel Kottmann, Germany - Internship

Excellent experience

My stay in Argentina and Chile has been an excellent experience in my life. The internship contributed a lot to my profession and also for me personally. Many thanks to you!! Georg Förster, Germany - Internship

Really good

I really enjoyed my stay in Chile and I hope to come back soon... let's see!  Tobias Fuchs, Germany - Internship

Very personal 

Your service is very personal and friendly, I was very pleased. My questions were always answered promptly by e-mail and you took care even of my "little" problems. I liked the informal service, you did not respond in the usual cold and business-like style. That was great!! I truly enjoyed my time in Chile and learned a lot more about the country (and I learned to love it). It's likely that I will come back to study one semester in Valparaíso. Eunike Maier, Germany - Internship

Very satisfied

On Sunday I completed my language course in Puerto Montt and I was very happy with it. I really liked my accommodation and also the course.
Friederike Lang, Germany -
Spanish Course

Exactly what I was looking for

I wanted to say thanks for helping me find my accommodation. The apartment is exactly what I was looking for and Christina is super friendly. Elizabeth Baier, USA - Rental Apartments

Fast, reliable, friendly

The arrangement for an internship was fast, reliable and you found something according to my wishes… super and friendly!!! The internship did not help me much professionally, but it was a fantastic personal experience and I had great insights into the Chilean life and work. Now I know from my own experience what it means to work in tourism. It was well worth it… Angela Gösswein, Germany - Internship


Having returned to the UK after an excellent trip, I wanted to thank you for the arrangements you made. Everything worked really efficiently and as well as recommending your services to my clients and friends, I will certainly contact you in good time for our next trip. Derek Scott, Great Britain - Rental car

Terrific service

Thank you for the prompt confirmation of my reservation for a rental car! You provide terrific services at ContactChile! Jürgen Brand, Germany - Rental car

Just thanks

We have been in the North of Chile for one week and have rented a car for this time through ContactChile. I think, your service is very good. Low prices, they bring the car to the client and pick it up again, and we also have no complaints about the car. Because we were so happy with the service, we just wanted to say thank you and at the same time we would like to recommend this service to future visitors. Camilo Pereda, Chile + Kerstin Junker, Germany - Rental car

Unequaled service

You have truly spoiled me. Service such as you have provided is all but unheard of in the United States today!!! Randy Egleston, USA - Rental Car

Great Website

I wanted to congratulate you on your website. You provide a lot of information, with lots of details and insider tips, everything one needs to know. I also really like your forum. Mirko Ammer, Germany - Rental Car