COVID-19: Current situation in Chile

Chile continues the fight against COVID-19. Step by step, the different communes of the country have been easing the restrictions, always maintaining the general sanitary measures:

  • Social distancing and mandatory use of masks in all urban areas of the country.
  • Curfew in all Chile from 00:00 to 05:00 hrs.


  • The state of emergency, which ended on September 15, has been extended for 90 more days.
  • Chilean borders will be open from November 23rd for passengers coming from all over the world, complying with an obligatory protocol.

The Chilean government has established a gradual reopening plan called Paso a Paso with different levels of activities allowed in each phase. Communes can
move forward or backward in the steps, depending on local conditions.
More information here (Spanish only).

To see the details of all the communes in Chile, go to and click on Situación Comunal.