COVID-19: Current situation in Chile

Chile continues the fight against COVID-19. As of October15, the country is in phase 4 of the pandemic, that is, with community transmission. 

These are the sanitary measures that currently apply to the national territory:

  • Curfew in all Chile from 11 pm to 5 am.
  • Use of masks is mandatory in all urban areas of the country.
  • The state of emergency ending in September 15th has been extended for 90 more days.
  • Entry to Chile remains restricted. Only Chilean citizens, foreigners with residence and other exceptions can enter the country. Those who wish to avoid the 14-day quarantine at the time of entry may present a negative PCR test, taken no more than 72 hours before entry into Chile.  
  • Passengers arriving by air to Santiago whose final destination is another city in Chile must complete the quarantine in Santiago before continuing to their final destination.
  • In places where sanitary cordons are in place, travelers may be subject to temperature screenings. Travel to or from comunas in quarantine requires a permiso temporal obtained from the Chilean police (Carabineros).

The Chilean government has established a gradual reopening plan called Paso a Paso with different levels of activities allowed in each phase. Communes can
move forward or backward in the steps, depending on local conditions.
More information here (Spanish only).

Regarding quarantined communes, the modality of obtaining a temporary permit to go out only under certain circumstances is maintained (check

To see the details of all the communes in Chile, go to and click on Situación Comunal.