COVID-19 crisis: Travelling, visa and other question

The global coronavirus crisis impacts all sectors of society, including travelling and migration. Below, we gather some of the responses the Department of Migration of Chile has provided on its platforms.

What happens if my Tourist Visa is about to expire and I cannot travel because of the closed borders?

You must apply for an Extension of Tourist Visa, if applicable, at the platform

What should I do if I need to have a Visa stamped?

You have to perform an Electronic Temporary Visa Stamping, which can be downloaded on the platform and has a duration of 6 months, and then make an appointment to physically stamp your passport.

I am a foreigner living in Chile and I am currently abroad. Can I enter Chile again?

Yes, if you have any type of residence visa, temporary or permanent. The case of foreigners who apply for a Consular Visa is different.

Will foreigners with a Temporary Visa in process be allowed to enter the country?

Yes, since they are regular residents of the country. The case of foreigners applying for a Consular Visa is different.

What happens to people who have Democratic Responsibility Visas that are about to expire and who will not be able to travel due to the crisis?

You have to apply for a one-year extension, in case it has previously been granted for the same period. Otherwise, you have to apply for Permanent Residence. Both procedures are performed in

Are there deadlines for submitting applications for Permanent Residence?

Applications for Permanent Residence are accepted up to 90 days before the expiration date of the visa at, for which you must have a Password (ClaveÚnica).

What happens to people who do not have a password (ClaveÚnica) for digital procedures and need to do something urgently?

At the main branches of ChileAtiende and the Civil Registration Office, it is possible to obtain the password (ClaveÚnica) to complete digital procedures.

What happens with appointments scheduled in the Department of Migration (Extranjería)?

All appointments at Matucana 1223 in Santiago have been cancelled. It is recommended to continually check the official websites and social networks for more information.

Last updated: March 25th, 2020. The information changes according to the circumstances. We always recommend to be aware of the official government websites and networks:

Department of Foreign Affairs


Civil Registration