In 4 regions of Chile 10 percent of the inhabitants are migrants

Chile is a country that becomes more familiar with migrants every day. According to a study conducted by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) and the Department of Foreigners and Migration (DEM), in 4 regions of Chile 10% of the inhabitants are migrants

The most recent figures indicate that the total number of foreigners residing in the country reaches 1,251,225 people (6.6% of the total population of Chile), and they are mostly concentrated in the regions of Arica (10.4%) , Antofagasta (13.6%), Tarapacá (16.9%) and Metropolitan (10.2%).

Also, the areas that have more foreigners among their population are Santiago Centro (212,037), Antofagasta (52,954), Las Condes (52,783), Independencia (47,328) and Iquique (39,706).

In recent years the migration phenomenon has changed dramatically not only globally. In Chile, the increasing number of foreigners is significant, and it certainly represents a challenge in terms of social and labor inclusion. In this regard, Alvaro Bellolio, head of the Department of Foreigners and Migration, said “in concrete terms, the contribution of migrants has been fundamental and we must be more proactive in order to facilitate inclusion with regulated migration. Offer a sustainable project to migrants who come to contribute and develop their life project with in a legal way”