Application process for the permanent residence permit is now competely online

Great news for foreigners in Chile!

As from now on the application for the permanent residence permit in Chile, the "Permanencia Definitiva", can now be done completely online with the help of a newly created platform. This will allow more than 200,000 applications to be digitized. 

The Permanencia Definitiva is the permit granted by the Government of Chile to foreign citizens to settle indefinitely and develop any activity in the country, with no other limitations than the laws in force. In order to obtain this document, applicants need to hold a Chilean “Visa de Residencia” and are not allowed to stay outside Chile for more than 180 days during the validity of the visa.

To process the application, you must enter the platform with a personal password, complete the form and attach the required documents. The personal password is the mechanism that validates the identity of the users in the government's web platforms and may be requested at the offices of the Registro Civil or ChileAtiende.

In the special case of Brazil, China, Cuba, Haiti and Peru, the applicants will - for the moment - still have to complete the procedure in person at ChileAtiende, due to the impossibility of verifying some documents from those countries online.

Applicants who sent in their application by post before the 2nd of May are requested to continue with the previous procedure and not to send in any further online application form.