Chile has a new national park

The new Patagonia National Park is now one of 40 parks managed by the Conaf authority in the Sistema Nacional de Areas Silvestres Protegidas (SNASPE). This new park, of approximately 304,527 hectares, represents a significant step forward in the protection of the country's ecosystems and includes the former Hacienda Chacabuco area, donated by the Tompkins Conservation Foundation, the Jeinimeni and Lago Cochrane National Reserves and state-owned land. The park is located in the transitional zone between the steppe of Argentinian Patagonia and the temperate Coigüe forests of Chilean Patagonia.

The opening of the park is based on an initiative aimed at protecting the biodiversity of the Aysén region, including endangered species of native animals such as the Huemul, Puma, Fox and Guanaco. The principle of nature tourism also includes the park's well-developed public infrastructure, which includes hiking trails, lodges, campsites, a museum and a visitor centre.

The area of the Patagonia National Park will officially consist of 102 units, including 40 national parks, 46 national reserves and 16 natural monuments. With a total area of more than 15 million hectares, the park covers 20% of the Chilean mainland.

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