Total solar eclipse in Chile

On July 2nd, 2019, one of the most impressive natural events can be observed in Chile: a total solar eclipse. The moon pushes itself between sun and earth and causes a total eclipse in the so-called Little North of Chile, in the area around the coastal town La Serena.

The event not only attracts astronomers and scientists, who will accompany the spectacle with numerous scientific experiments from space and on earth. Also numerous visitors from all over the world want to experience how an entire region will be darkened for a few minutes. Some stars and planets, which cannot be observed under normal conditions, will be visible through the darkness. The natural event is particularly interesting for Europeans, since a total solar eclipse is expected to happen in Europe not for another 63 years.

The Little North in Chile offers very good chances to observe the natural event with clear sky due to its stable and cloudless semi-desert climate. The solar eclipse can also be marvelled at in regions of Chile further south or north - correspondingly partially. For example, it will also darken Chile's capital Santiago by 92%. 

You want to be part of the spectacle in July 2019?

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