"Let’s explore the forest"

Fresh from the press: This new guide for “young and old” wants to encourage children and their parents to explore the Chilean forests. Nowadays, the majority lives in cities and has very little contact with nature. Nevertheless it is easy to organize an excursion to get to know the forests and discover that they are magic places full of marvelous creatures and exciting corners. How to prepare for the excursion? What to take with us? What should we know about the forest? How to distinguish a toad from a frog or an eagle from a condor? Where are the best places to go in the central zone? To all these questions the authors from the Trekkingchile foundation give answers in this entertaining book, written and beautifully illustrated for children and their parents.

7.990 CLP at ContactChile office, Trekkingchile.com and soon available in bookshops.