• Apartment Francisco Encina 10


  • Roof terrace Nueva Lyon 1 & 4


  • Apartment Ismael Valdés 3

    Santiago Centro

  • Apartment Francisco Encina 23


  • Loft Miguel Claro 1


Housing in Chile

At ContactChile you can find different types of furnished apartments and rooms for rent to suit your needs while in Chile. Flats varying in size and fully equipped in the main districts of Santiago will offer you a comfortable stay, no matter if you are coming to Chile for a long or short period to study, work or just for holidays.

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The executive attended me with kindness, warmth and professionalism.

Manuel Aquiles Chila Marquez Ecuador

I would definitely recommend the service. Thank you!

Tim W. from New Zealand

“Tessa & Anna were great”

John Plunkett USA

“Claudia is very efficient and professional”

Maria Victoria de la Cruz García Silva Chile

I would definitely not have lived in another place! “Quinta Normal” was like a real home for me. The atmosphere and service there were just fantastic.

Christoph K. from Germany

Continue your great work! Excellent service, adabtable to what the market needs. If possible, you should be present in other countries such as Colombia where is nothing similar.

Armando A. from Colombia

I will recommend you to all my friends and people I meet in way here in Sydney and others states. Thank you.

Carlos S. from Australia

Very friendly service. Helped a lot during the check-in as I don't speak Spanish. I will definitely recommend your company for other travellers.

Andrey Pak Kazakhstan

I was very impressed with the professionalism of your company and how you all handle everything. It has been by far the best renting experience I have had, everything turned out excellent.

Corbin J. from England

“All that I talked with were very helpful and nice. I see you as best of the best! So to improve a well-oiled machine is not necessary! Staying on top of your game is important and you have your mind into the game fully! Thanks for all you do!”

Leo Leslie Clymer USA

The service is very professional, reliable and efficient.

Ulises L. from Australia

Thank you so much for everything, the excellent service from the staff member and ContactChile. 100% recommendable!

Adriana C. from Venezuela

Very good service, my expectations have been met.

Adrián Nestor Morales Rico Bolivia

It's already the second time I've found an apartment with you and the service was always excellent. Thank you very much.

Lina R. from Colombia

The service of this agency was a great help since it seemed almost impossible to find an apartment by other means. Very good service and convenient follow-ups and clarifications.

Fernanda R. from Mexico

If the world had more people like the professionals in ContactChile, it would be much more beautiful. I remain forever in your debt and grateful.

Harry Carrasquillo USA

The service they are offering is of high quality and the staff is very efficient and of high performance.

Claudio Rafael Whittle Vargas Chile

“Many Thanks to Tessa who helped me a lot to find a very beautiful apartment and completed all the paper work so fast.”

Xiaokang Sun China

Fernanda always answered briefly, paid attention and considered the needs of me and my family in order to offer us the best available departments.

Yamila Vanesa Asis Argentina

“Fernanda was very attentive and helpful. Her English language skills are excellent and she was very friendly”.

Randy Webb USA

Everything was perfect, the service of Macarena was accurate and very professional. Thank you.

Minheli M. from Venezuela

Excellent service!

Carla Leslie Pinochet Navarrete Chile

I wanted to thank you for the awesome newsletter you guys sent. We went to one of the events, yesterday, and it was phenomenal.

Jessica B. from United States

German: Fernanda war sehr aufmerksam und hilfsbereich. Ihr Englisch ist ausgezeichnet und sie war sehr freundlich.usa

Randy Webb USA

Thanks to Fernanda for her support - efficient, emphatic and attentive towards all the requirements. I am grateful to her.

Yalen C. from Chile

I am a very satisfied client of ContactChile. My experience here in Santiago has been memorable and a great success.

Steve S. from United Kingdom

Thanks very much. We've had a great time and will recommend your services and apartment. I also enjoyed the Spanish school. Muchas gracias!

Robin P. from United States

Grateful for the excellent service of Claudia.

Ingrid V. from Venezuela

I want to thank you for helping me throughout the entire reservation process of the apartment. I appreciate your commitment and your attention towards the clients.

Joselin F. from Venezuela

Keep at it. You are offering a very good service. Congrats!

Rafael Montes de Oca Sanchez México

If only everything in life was this painless! Thanks guys for a first class service.

Andrew B. from United Kingdom