Touristic Cabin in Talca


Company Description

The small cabin center is located in the foothills of the seventh region, a few steps away the rivers of the Maule, Claro and Melado, as well as a park. It is offered lodging, guided tours, kayaking, bicycles and fishing. It can be received a maximum of 20 people, including in private cabins or rooms.

Work Period

  • December to March-April
  • two or three months


  • Customer reception, management of cottages, information to tourists. It can also be as a guide
  • Management Refugio reception (welcome customers, inform, help them settle in and feel comfortable).
  • Management of cottages (cleaning with help from others, maid, etc ...)
  • Information for customers of the activities offered at the refuge, the region and participation in guidance as needed.


flexible from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm


Accomodation and food


  • Minimum age: 20
  • Knowledge of Spanish is essential, advanced English, basic German, basic French
  • Activity
  • Empathy
  • Love for nature