The South

This region is situated between the towns of Temuco and Puerto Montt and is renowned for its snow-capped, active volcanoes, its deep blue lakes and its silent forests. Even inexperienced mountaineers will be able to climb the volcano Villarrica near the tourist centre Pucón. Besides trips to the picturesque towns of Puerto Varas and Valdivia, the island Chiloé also beckons. It can only be reached by ferry and beguiles with green, rain-quenched hills, mythical legends and wood shingle architecture.

  • Boutique hotel in Frutillar

    Boutique hotel in Frutillar

    Puerto Montt

    Boutique hotel, 8 rooms, mainly international guests, special customer attendance, organization of tours, in addition it has a...

  • Boutique hotel in Puerto Varas

    Boutique hotel in Puerto Varas

    Puerto Montt

    A small boutique hotel in Puerto Varas. The hotel contains 9 rooms with separate bathrooms.

  • Cabañas with waterpark

    Cabañas with waterpark


    Located in the Araucanía region, this guesthouse features five cabañas, a terrace with lake views and they operate a water park.

  • Comfortable international hostel

    Comfortable international hostel

    Puerto Varas

    Small family-run hostel with international atmosphere, inspires to relax in the big garden with hammocks: a home far away. It is...

  • Comfy Guesthouse

    Comfy Guesthouse


    Comfortable new guest house built with regional materials, with a chimney in the living room and a wonderful view of the...

  • Company for adventure tourism

    Company for adventure tourism

    Puerto Varas

    Tour operator in Puerto Varas, which tries to convey environmental awareness as well as adrenaline as part of its outdoor...

  • Company for tourist and advertising services

    Company for tourist and advertising services


    The company consists of a group of friends who have devoted much of their lives to the outdoor work. The team is a group of...

  • Cozy Lodge outside of Pucon

    Cozy Lodge outside of Pucon


    The cosy and small country style hotel has 12 guest rooms, a restaurant and a large garden with sustainable fruit and vegetable...

  • Extreme nature

    Extreme nature


    This estate (Fundo) is placed in the biggest nature reserve of Patagonia, midst the Vodudahue valley, devoting itself to the...

  • Family-run accommodation in the heart of Villarica's nature

    Family-run accommodation in the heart of Villarica's nature


    A German family runs this "Refugio" in the middle of Villarica's nature, with cosy huts and tree houses, situated directly on the...

  • Fine food shop

    Fine food shop

    Puerto Varas

    Small delicacy shop with handcrafts.

  • Guest House in a volcanic region

    Guest House in a volcanic region


    This family-run hotel and restaurant is situated on the bank of a whitewater river and surrounded by several volcanoes. In the...

  • Hostal in the adventurous Pucón

    Hostal in the adventurous Pucón


    It is a hostal that offers accommodation, catering and tourism information to national and international tourists.

  • Hostel and tourism operator

    Hostel and tourism operator

    Puerto Varas

    This family-run and international recommended hostel, which also offers excursions to its surroundings, is located in the very...

  • Hostel in the south of Chile

    Hostel in the south of Chile


    The Hostel is a nice little inn, with moderate prices, specially designed for international travelers. After more than 15 years of...

  • Hotel & Cabins

    Hotel & Cabins

    Puerto Varas

    Hotel and Cabins located in Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, mainly specialized in offering adventure tourism activities.

  • Hotel in Puerto Varas

    Hotel in Puerto Varas

    Puerto Montt

    Hotel with a experiences of many years, 3 stars, international and national guests, good atmosphere in the team.

  • Hotel on the  beautiful island Chiloé

    Hotel on the beautiful island Chiloé

    Puerto Montt

    A hotel within nature with 21 rooms and accommodation for 45 people.

  • Italian restaurant in Chiloe

    Italian restaurant in Chiloe


    Restobar with italian food, seafood and good atmosphere in the city center.

  • Mountain sports - organizer

    Mountain sports - organizer


    Tourism operator, specialized in mountaineering and climbing volcanoes, but also offers other activities like guided bicycle tours...

  • Nature on horseback

    Nature on horseback


    Established in 1997, we run a kayak and horseback riding center on the outskirts of Pucon,Chile. Vacations on horseback, whether...

  • Tour operator in the South

    Tour operator in the South

    Puerto Montt

    The company offers services in: excursions, trips for seniors, field excursions, company outing, group travel, adventure trips,...

  • Touristic Center in Pucón

    Touristic Center in Pucón


    Multifaceted tourism company in Pucón. Tours and excursions are organised in the own travel agency, rooms and cottages are rented...