Secluded guesthouse


Company Description

The guesthouse is situated in the south of Chili towards the Cap Froward in untouched nature. Various outdoor activities can be tried out. The guesthouse offers 6 comfortable double bedrooms with separate bathrooms. In addition there is also an outdoor spa with two hot pools and a sauna.

Work Period

  • From December to the end of April
  • Minimum of 2 months
  • Optimum 3 months


  • Support of the preparation of the breakfast
  • Welcome, Check-In
  • Coffee service
  • To hand out information about the guesthouse and its surroundings
  • To accompany guests on their tours
  • Support of the kitchen and service


According to agreement




Accommodation in the guesthouse (Shared flat with tour-guides), transfer from Punta Arenas and back, catering


  • Hospitality
  • Good knowledge of the English and Spanish language (Tours have to be give in Spanish)
  • At leat 18 years of age
  • Good physical condition
  • To be prepared to live in solitude for a couple of months (There are no shops or bars near)