National park in the Andes


Company Description

A wildlife sanctuary in the Andes, about 25km away from Santiago. The young team takes care of the administration and maintenance of the national park. The next project is the installation of 40 picnic and camping places in the park. The trainee will have the opportunity to work on this project and to get to know the entire area of the 12.000 hectare park.


  • The day starts with the opening of the park. Then the team drives up to the villa Paulina. The complexes need to be maintained and cleaned.
  • Afterwards the park ranger will do a monitoring tour through the park to do "preventive patrol". While doing that wild animals can be seen and how the park cooperates with the local cattle drovers (arrieros). This gives the opportunity to see traditional agricultural work in the Andes.


Flexible - 8 hours daily




Accommodation and food


  • Independent
  • Basic knowledge of the Spanish language
  • Responsible
  • Open-minded
  • Flexible
  • Beneficial: Knowledge of climbing and mountaineering