Hostel in the south of Chile


Company Description

The Hostel is a nice little inn, with moderate prices, specially designed for international travelers. After more than 15 years of operation, the Inn is now recommended by most guidebooks as Lonely Planet and South American Handbook, among others. Since we only have six rooms, the contact with our guests is very close. We report on the tours and excursions that can be done in the area, and even organize them, if they wish.

Work Period

  • From October 2015 until March 2016
  • Minimum time frame: 3 months
  • Ideal time frame: 6 months


  • In the Reception and Kitchen
  • - Answering phone calls and emails
  • - To assist in guiding the guests arriving at the hostel
  • - Prepare breakfast for guests and clients from outside the hostel


Morning shift 7:30am - 3pm, Afternoon shift 2:30pm - 10pm


  • - accomodation and bathroom
  • - Breakfast
  • - Use of kitchen to prepare lunch and dinner
  • - 120,000 CLP to cover expenses


  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Knowledge of Spanish and English
  • Good treatment of customers