Friendly hostal in Providencia


Company Description

Quiet family hostel with breakfast and wifi included.

Work Period

3 - 6 months


Check in of passengers, helping the guests with whatever they need, set up breakfast during morning shift, make reservations for tours or transfers from and to the airport, maintain and update reserves update platforms (booking, despegar, Expedia, Hostelworld), take out garbage, maintain control and order of the Hotel - etc.


8 hours shifts (3PM-11PM) or night (11PM to 7AM) for weekdays, weekends and holidays.


Accommodation in a shared room + breakfast + daily board for the other 2 meals.


  • Minimum age: 23 years
  • Knowledge of English and other languages if possible
  • Other qualities: organized, proactive, responsible, enthusiastic, willingness to work and to help passengers
  • it is essential to be responsible with the hours of the entry and the exit. It is a hostel that promotes relaxation and comfortable rest of the guests so it is not the backpacker type hostel with the typical daily activities.