Family-run accommodation in the heart of Villarica's nature


Company Description

A German family runs this "Refugio" in the middle of Villarica's nature, with cosy huts and tree houses, situated directly on the river bank. There is a restaurant offering German specialities and a spa area with hot tub, sauna and swimming pool. The working environment is familiar, the team consists of young people.

Work Period

  • January, February, July
  • at least 4 weeks, ideally 8 weeks


  • Support in the kitchen and in the restaurant
  • Maintainance and housekeeping, tasks such as maintaining the fire for the hottub, changing sheets and cleaning cabins and treehouses


  • ca. 8h daily
  • 2 days off


  • Accommodation & Food
  • Percentage of daily tip


Transfer to Villarrica


  • 21. year old
  • German-speaking and/or Spanish-speaking
  • English is an advantage
  • active, proactive person
  • who wants to belong to a young dinamic team
  • responsible and committment