Extreme nature


Company Description

This estate (Fundo) is placed in the biggest nature reserve of Patagonia, midst the Vodudahue valley, devoting itself to the ecological cultivation of the Patagonian woods. It contains a big tree nursery with native trees, among them the rare Alerce tree. The Fundo is very isolated, laying in the middle of the park.

Work Period



  • To muck out
  • To chop wood
  • To drive animals and further farm work
  • To cut roots
  • To prepare plants for transportation
  • To weed beds
  • You have to cook for yourself, to bake bread, to clean and as well as to heat, therefor fetching wood for the oven


The working hours are from Monday to Saturday from 8am-12am and 2pm-6pm. It varies from summer to winter. Fridays and Saturdays the breaks are shortened half an hour. On Sundays is time for trekking and excursions.




  • Fruits and vegetables are available through the garden
  • Accommodation
  • Further living expenses, travel expenses, food and leisure activities have to be paid by the person itself.


  • Interest in working outdoors
  • Experience or/and interest in gardening
  • Adaptability to the loneliness of the park
  • Minium of 3 months
  • Responsibility