Colorful hostel in colonial style


Company Description

This Hostal - an old colonial-style building - is located right in the centre of La Serena (approx. 300,000 inhabitants). It is a cosy, colourful accommodation that welcomes guests from all over the world. The team consists of seven Chilean employees, one Venezuelan managing director and usually one or two interns depending on the season. The hostel has 16 rooms and can accommodate a maximum of 43 guests. There is also a breakfast room and a lounge.

Work Period

At least 3-4 months, ideally 6 months


  • Customer service in various languages: at reception, multilingual processing of booking requests via e-mail and telephone, check-in/check-out, booking of excursions,
  • temporary help in the kitchen
  • Creative help with improvements and planning of new projects


  • 6 days a week, +/- 7 hours a day
  • 1-2 free days per month
  • Interns who stay 6 months may take 2x1 week vacation


Monthly allowance of 100.000 CLP


  • Accommodation (private room in a small apartment shared by the trainees)
  • full board and free use of the Internet
  • Insights into the structure of a small business


  • minimum age: 20 years
  • Good knowledge of German and English and at least sufficient knowledge of Spanish
  • Experience in the hotel or tourism industry (through studies, internships, jobs, etc.) preferred
  • Enjoy dealing with international guests
  • Creativity and fantasy
  • Transparency and the ability to work in a team
  • Sense of responsibility and order
  • Basic computer skills (Microsoft Office, Internet)