Spanish Course Valparaíso

Learning Spanish in Valparaíso allows for:

  • Sunbathing at the beach, swimming, surfing
  • Culture, nightlife, port city flair…

The school we work with offers:

  • Very flexible hours
  • Demanding classes, where a lot of knowledge is imparted in a short time
  • Nice teachers
  • Crash course in three days for people in a hurry, and private lessons


Spanish lesson 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks
Group classes
(20 TU/week)
175 USD 350 USD 525 USD
Group with private class (30 TU/week) 294 USD 588 USD 881 USD

Also available: Crash course (18 TU/3 days): 225 USD

In conjunction with the Spanish course we can also offer you an affordable accommodation (10% discount on agency’s fee*).
*not in addition with other discounts

The school at a glance

LocationValparaíso, Cerro Concepción
Average number of students in attendance25
Levels 3
Size of the group 5
Minutes per teaching unit45
Average age of teachers35
Lodging alternativesFamily, flat share, apartment

Recreational Program

  • Travel & learn:
    Follow the footsteps of one of Chiles most popular poets Pablo Neruda in Isla Negra, blow off steam sandboarding the dunes in Con Con or visit the Festival del Huaso de Olmué. Different packages on request
  • Workshop on Chilean and Latin American culture:
    Native culture, Chilean history and literature, socio-economic systems among other things

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