Pucón Spanish School

Learning Spanish in Pucón allows for:

  • Getting to know the wonderful Chilean lake area
  • Climbing majestic volcanoes, bath in the lake, row a boat down the river or Canopy through forests

The school we work with offers:

  • Demanding and professional teachers
  • The opportunity of immersing into the Chilean culture
  • Lodging in a Chilean host family, with whom you can practice your Spanish every day


Spanish lesson1 week2 weeks
Private classes (10 TU/week)211 USD421 USD
Private classes Intensive (15 TU/week)269 USD537 USD
Private classes Crash (20 TU/week)316 USD632 USD
Two on one classes (10 TU/week)184 USD*369 USD
Two on one classes Intensive (15 TU/week)221 USD*443 USD
Private lesson (1 hour) 22 USD-

*price per person

Lodging    1 person2 persons (couple)
Host family*269 USD258 USD*

* incl. 3 meals; price for 1 week

*price per person

The school at a glance

LocationPucón, downtown
Average number of students in attendance14
Size of the groupMax. 4
Minutes per teaching unit 60
Average age of teachers32
Lodging alternativesFamily

Recreational Program

  • Learning Spanish while horseback riding:
    Riding classes, followed by a half day tour and ending with a two day ride through the Cerros de Quelhue nature reserve. The riding class is in English; during the ride you practice your Spanish with the "arriero"
  • Learning Spanish and the outdoors:
    You can choose between rafting tours, horseback riding, climbing the active volcano Villarrica and hiking in the national park Huerquehue

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