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Company Description

A cultural private law corporation and non-profit organization, which has the mission of providing real opportunities for access to art and culture to young Chileans, especially those with limited resources and with strong artistic interest. With a presence in the Metropolitan Region, in Valparaiso, Antofagasta, Bío Bío and Los Lagos, each of the offices offer a wide range of free art workshops and an extensive program of cultural activities open to the public.


Graphic design of pieces of varying complexity, from advertising posters to books or other publications. The intern is supposed to work directly with different corporate professionals : principally he/she will work with the Communications and Press Managers, as well as with the following area coordinators: visual arts, literature, music, dance and theatre.


Monday to friday: 10:00am - 19:00pm (lunch break from 13:30 - 14:30)






  • Good English and Spanish skills
  • Studies of graphic design or similar
  • Handling of design programs of the ADOBE family: ILLUSTRATOR, IN DESIGN