Reception work in luxury hotel in Patagonia


Company Description

It is a luxury all-inclusive boutique-hotel amidst of the stunning nature of the national park Torres del Paine. 12 villa bungalows, built with regional materials, offer a view on the snow-covered mountains of Torres del Paine. A private natural reserve invites the visitors to discover the unique flora and fauna of this remote area. Every bungalow has a private guide with a vehicle who offers individual excursions by jeep. The hotel is the only one in South America offering a 100% customized service.


  • The reception is the center of communication for the coordination of the guest's stay and the all-time visible face of the hotel administration. Some of the tasks include:
  • Receive reservation forms and enter them in the system
  • Know and inform the various hotel sections about the tastes and preferences of the guests
  • Stay informed about the guest's movements in order to update and publish daily reports
  • Prepare envelopes for the guides
  • Support of the excursion department
  • Revision and restocking of sales products
  • Check-in and check-out of the guests
  • Answering the hotel phone


45 hours per week divided into 8-hour-shifts. 11 working days are followed by 4 days off.


Free and shared accomodation as well as catering


  • Spanish skills sufficient to express ideas and needs, English skills sufficient for conversation at an intermediate level
  • Student in the area of hotel business or tourism; good health
  • The intern must arrange for a student exchange visa in his home country and must validate it upon arrival in Chile
  • Valid health insurance in Chile
  • Minimum age: 21
  • Minimum duration: 4 months
  • Optimum duration: 6 months